Warm and Cool Waves Art Lesson

Warm and Cool Waves Art Lesson

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This is a 41 page PDF document that is easy to print and use for the classroom teacher. The lesson introduces students to a professional artist, Heather Brown who creates surf board art in Hawaii. The lesson teaches kids about warm and cool colors, wet on wet watercolor techniques and how to draw a wave in the style of artist Heather Brown.

  • 41 Page PDF Document
  • Step by step instructions on how to draw a wave in the style of the artist
  • Finished wave drawing to use as an example
  • Steps on how to draw wave as a worksheet
  • Worksheet of Heather Brown's work
  • Warm and Cool color explanation and examples
  • Link to video demonstration by me of wet on wet, wet on dry and some color mixing.
  • Link to artist interview with examples of her work
  • Multiple examples of students in process and finished artwork
  • Rubric for grading

Materials needed:
Paper (Watercolor or thicker paper is better)
Watercolor Paint
Copies of exemplars

Intended for students grade K-5.

I appreciate any feedback on my resources and am always looking for ways to make them more useful!  

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