Romero Britto Dogs

Romero Britto Dogs

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This 40 page powerpoint presentation takes younger students through an understanding of Line, Pattern, Repetition and Rhythm. A basic introduction to the artist Romero Britto and what Pop Art is. It includes a step by step demonstration of how to draw a dog, break up the background and add patterns. It also includes pattern idea starters for younger children.

  • 40 Page Editable Powerpoint Presentation
  • 12 Easier for the younger student Doodle/Pattern Idea starters on 3 worksheets
  • Basic introduction to Romero Britto
  • What is Line, Pattern, Repetition and Rhythm in art
  • Step by step of how to draw a dog, divide background and add patterns.
  • How to draw a dog worksheet
  • Blank worksheet for students to practice patterns
  • Multiple examples of students in process and finished artwork

Intended for students grade K-5.

I appreciate any feedback on my resources and am always looking for ways to make them more useful!   ©2019 A Space to Create Art, LLC. All rights reserved.

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