Pop Art Drawing Lesson Visual Art- Middle School Drawing Project

Pop Art Drawing Lesson Visual Art- Middle School Drawing Project

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This super fun project is perfect for beginning drawing students to express their viewpoints about Pop Culture and learn about Pop Art! In this project, students will create their own piece of Pop art using a current-day pop icon. Student notes sheet for presentation, idea sheet, and how to transfer design worksheets are all included.


  • 5 Page Editable Lesson Plan with National Standards, Big ideas, Goals and Objectives, Final Outcomes, Instructional Materials, Student supplies, Detailed process and Vocabulary as an editable word document.
  • 27 page editable powerpoint presentation
  • Pop Art Worksheet with Peer Reflection Chart
  • Presentation Notes Worksheet for Students
  • Color Wheel, Color Schemes, Complementary Scales Sheet
  • Sketch Template
  • How-to do a graphite transfer worksheet with drawn steps
  • Student Reflection
  • Editable Rubric

©2021 A Space to Create Art, LLC., published October 22, 2021, all rights reserved. Lesson created by Amanda Pondexter in collaboration with Sabrina Wingren. The content of this lesson was created for exclusive use by A Space to Create Art, LLC. and may not be sold or distributed by any other entitity.

STANDARDS: http://www.nationalartsstandards.org/

Middle School: Grades 6-12

Grade 6: VA:Cr1.1.6: Combine concepts collaboratively to generate innovative ideas for creating art.

Grade 6: VA:Cr1.2.6: Formulate an artistic investigation of personally relevant content for creating art.

Grade 7: VA:Cr2.1.7 Demonstrate persistence in developing skills with various materials, methods and approaches in creating works of art or design.

Grade 7: VA:Cr3.1.7 Reflect on and explain important information about personal artwork in an artist statement or another format.

Grade 8: VA:Cr1.1.8 Document early stages of the creative process visually and/or verbally in traditional or new media.

Grade 8: VA:Cr1.2.8 Collaboratively shape an artistic investigation of an aspect of present-day life using a contemporary practice of art and design.

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