Interactive Art History-Claude Monet Digital Artist Biography for Elementary Art

Interactive Art History-Claude Monet Digital Artist Biography for Elementary Art

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★ Engage younger students in art history using this fully digital, 360° immersive art experience! Perfect as an introduction to Monet! ★ Teach students about Claude Monet and Impressionism by allowing students to explore this interactive gallery of his work. Created with younger students in mind, they will play puzzles and games, watch videos and complete a fully digital artist biography on Claude Monet!

CLICK HERE to test that Thinglink, Google Sites and other commonly used websites in my immersive art experiences work on your school computers.

Once in the interactive gallery students will click on the icons to explore and learn about Monet and Impressionism. There are six clues/locks inside and a hidden message. You and your students must have access to google drive in order to play these escape rooms.

Students Will:

  • Complete a word search using terms associated with Monet
  • Play a matching game using Monet’s paintings of Haystacks
  • Learn fun facts about Monet using an interactive flip animation.
  • Watch YouTube videos featuring Claude Monet
  • Go inside Monet's paintings in an immersive video
  • Listen to Tate museum curator speaking about Impressionism.
  • Complete a Digital Artist Biography about Claude Monet
  • Complete an Art Prompt: Choose an object outdoors to draw in color. Draw the object in the morning, evening and at night. (Optional)


Tips for Teachers: Check your school's website filter before beginning the interactive art experience. You will need access to:

  • Google Forms/Slides/Sheets
  • Thinglink
  • Google Earth
  • YouTube
  • Word Wall

Before purchasing, please check to make sure you and your students will be able to use the sites listed above by clicking on the test website link above. It is your responsibility to make sure the links will work before purchasing.

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