Gustav Klimt Art History Workbook and Activities - Tree of Life

Gustav Klimt Art History Workbook and Activities - Tree of Life

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This art history packet introduces students to the artist Gustav Klimt. Students learn about the artist through an information page, coloring, finding and creating patterns, and analyzing a piece of art. Students learn about portrait proportions, create their own pattern portrait, and finally draw and paint their own tree of life. A video demonstration of the tree of life is included in the lesson.

18 Worksheets Included: (See Preview File)

  • High Resolution Poster of “The Tree of Life” by Gustav Klimt
  • About the artist information sheet with examples
  • Instruction sheet
  • More resources sheet with links to movies and demonstration video
  • Free Video demonstration of Final Tree of Life project
  • Coloring Sheet of “The Tree of Life” in black outline form with color guides.
  • Pattern/Coloring Sheet of Stocet Palace Detail
  • Pattern/Coloring Sheet of “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer”
  • Analysis of Klimt’s “Portrait of Eugenia Primavesi”
  • Facial Proportions worksheet
  • Contour line drawing of a portrait worksheet
  • Personality Patterns worksheet
  • Final pattern portrait worksheet
  • Tree of Life Pencil Drawing example with instructions
  • Tree of Life final drawing/watercolor project
  • Teacher and student example


  • “Portrait of Eugenia Primavesi” worksheet with example answers
  • Teacher and Student examples of “Tree of Life” project

Ways to use in the classroom:

  1. As an introduction to a famous artist and their work.
  2. Worksheets culminate with student creating their own Tree of Life artwork.
  3. To support other skills such as: Creating Patterns, Watercolor, and Analysis.
  4. As early finisher work or as a quick art substitute lesson.

TpT EASEL: Use TpT Easel to easily print or digitally assign individual pages to students.

Note: There are options on how to give students color references other than to print these sheets in color. You can project the example using a document camera or have students look up artwork on a chrome book or smartphone, for example.

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A note about artwork used in this resource: The work contained in this resource was drawn by Sabrina Wingren using Gustav Klimt's work as a guide. The work of this artist has been released into the public domain by its author. Any student artwork included is used with express permission.

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