Abstract Art Lesson - Abstract Oil Pastel Composition

Abstract Art Lesson - Abstract Oil Pastel Composition

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Students create a black and white composition using the set of instructions included in the powerpoint. Even though they are all using the same instructions, each design will come out differently. Using oil pastels and black markers students then use their knowledge of color schemes, lines, and shapes as well as other elements of art to create principles of art in their design. For the assessment, students will define color schemes used and describe elements that were used to create principles of art.

6 Page Lesson Plan with standards, essential questions and detailed process notes
34 page powerpoint presentation
2-Page Student Self-Evaluation
Oil Pastel Technique suggestions worksheet
Elements and Principles definition worksheets
Color Scheme Plan worksheet
3 Demonstration Video Links (Must be in presentation mode to play from within ppt) Links in PPT and Lesson Plan
Google Slides version of PPT Links in PPT and Lesson Plan
Google version of Student Evaluation Links in PPT and Lesson Plan

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