12 More Sub Lessons: Artwork Instructions & Worksheets: Editable Sub Notes

12 More Sub Lessons: Artwork Instructions & Worksheets: Editable Sub Notes

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This packet includes 12 MORE easy art lessons and worksheets this time with how to create their own artwork instructions written for the student, and a worksheet version of each lesson to make it even easier for the sub to teach! When you need to have a substitute plan on the fly and can’t make it to work this is the perfect solution. Just make copies, and have the sub hand them out to students. It also includes editable sub notes sheets and editable sub binder dividers!

These lessons can be used for the art classroom or any classroom using the worksheet versions! The Editable Sub Notes Sheet has information appropriate for both elementary and secondary teachers.

12 Sub Lessons with Worksheets:

  1. Spread Sunshine Lesson Instructions & Worksheet
  2. Scribble Doodle Lesson Instructions, Worksheet, and Doodle Starters Sheet
  3. Mystery Grid with Instructions and Grid Worksheets
  4. Grateful Heart Lesson Instructions & Worksheet
  5. Inside the Lines Lesson Instructions & Worksheet
  6. Suitcase of Memories Lesson Instructions & Worksheet
  7. Proud as a Peacock Lesson Instructions & Worksheet
  8. Bee Like a Bee Lesson Instructions & Worksheet
  9. Succulent Succulents Lesson Instructions, Worksheet & Succulent Examples Sheet
  10. Insect Ink Lesson Instructions, Worksheet & Bee Example Sheet
  11. Feathers in the Wind Instructions, Worksheet & Feather Examples Sheet
  12. A lot on My Mind Lesson Instructions & Worksheet

Editable Sub Notes Sheet (Editable in Canva)

  • Secondary Notes Sheet with 8 Periods
  • Elementary Notes Sheet

Editable Sub Divider Sheets (Editable in Canva)

  • Sub Binder Title Page
  • (2) Sub Notes Sheets


  • Schedules and Contacts
  • Class List and Routines
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Classroom Management
  • Lesson Plans
  • Seating Chart
  • Substitute Notes
  • Classroom Culture Notes Sheet

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