Shading a Sphere: Cross-Hatching Drawing Worksheets & Demo: Middle/HighSchool

Shading a Sphere: Cross-Hatching Drawing Worksheets & Demo: Middle/HighSchool

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Beginning High School and Middle School Drawing students will learn how to shade a sphere using the cross-hatch method with this worksheet packet and fully narrated demonstration video. Perfect for both in-person and distance learning, this shading a sphere project will teach students to create the illusion of three dimensions through shading and cross-hatching techniques.

A fully narrated video demonstration and worksheet packet will make it easy for you to teach and even easier for students to learn. Perfect for both in-class instruction and distance learning. Or independent student study.


Full Demonstration Video with Narration

Informational Sheets:

  • In-person and distance learning teacher instructions
  • Informational Sheet on the Element of Value
  • Introduction to Drawing tools and definitions

Activity Sheets:

  • Student Drawing Sheet with Reference
  • Rubric

Student Materials:

  • Drawing Pencils
  • White Eraser
  • Kneaded Eraser and/or Q-tips
  • Blending Stumps Ruler

This worksheet packet is made for middle or high school art teachers, TAB teachers, and home school parents who want to be successful teaching beginning drawing students how to identify contour lines and shade in graphite.

Best suited for grades 6-10, but can be taught to older students as well.

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