Illuminated Letters - High School Art Lesson - Middle School Art Lesson

Illuminated Letters - High School Art Lesson - Middle School Art Lesson

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Make lettering fun and engaging with this illuminated project! Students will use the creative process to create letters through the use of different mediums such as pencil, ink, and color. Illuminated letters allow students to explore positive and negative space in their composition. 
Teach your students by using a step-by-step process to create thumbnails and other decorative elements. Students will love being able to apply the elements while learning about good craftsmanship in their lettering. Calligraphy is discussed, as well as applying the principles of unity .

  • 4 Page Lesson Plan with National Standards for grades 6-12; Big idea, Essential questions, Goals, and Objectives, Instructional Materials, Supplies, and detailed process. Also included are resource links, vocabulary, and a rubric in the form of a student self-evaluation.
  • 47 Page PowerPoint presentation
  • Alphabet Pages with multiple examples of each letter
  • Student Self Evaluation Editable Word document

“My students enjoyed this project! Great visuals and references!” - Heather T. 

“Students were very into doing this activity. They enjoyed making a letter that represented who they were. The results were some of the best creative work my students have done so far this year. Thank you.” - Mable W. 

“This assignment is beautiful. We used pearlescent watercolors and they were an excellent choice for the illuminated letters.” - James C. 

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