Chuck Close Inspired Portraits: Middle School & High School Art Colored Pencils

Chuck Close Inspired Portraits: Middle School & High School Art Colored Pencils

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Beginning High School and Middle School Art Students will love creating this fun, engaging portrait in a simplified style of artist Chuck Close. Teach students how to create a realistic portrait using a posterized portrait and colored squares with this all-inclusive resource. This lesson is set up to be easy for students to create amazing results! Everything you need to teach this lesson successfully is included, from videos to worksheets!

Through the use of a free online photo editor, students will posterize their portrait photography, print and trace value shifts, then grid both reference and final paper. Students will complete a color plan worksheet that demonstrates how color has value and has them choose a color plan. Students can either trace their value shifts onto the final paper or use the grid method to transfer their line. Once transferred, kids fill squares with their color scheme, starting with the darkest areas, then moving to the light areas in the face, and finally the background.


  • 5 Page Lesson Plan
    National Standards for grades 8-12; Big ideas, Essential questions, Goals and Objectives, Instructional Materials, Supplies, and detailed process. Also included are Resource links and vocabulary.
  • 27-page editable PowerPoint Lesson Presentation & PDF
  • 16-page editable PowerPoint Overview & Introduction to Chuck Close & PDF
  • Student Project Checklist
  • Color Plan Worksheet
  • Links to PIXLR tutorial and Steps of Process Video
  • Editable Word Rubric and PDF
  • Student Self-Evaluation as Word Doc and PDF

National Visual Arts Standards Anchor Standards:


Anchor Standard #1. Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.

Anchor Standard #2. Organize and develop artistic ideas and work.

Anchor Standard #3. Refine and complete artistic work


Anchor Standard #8. Interpret intent and meaning in artistic work.

Anchor Standard

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