9 Week Exploratory Art - Intro to Middle School Art - 7 Lessons in 9 Weeks

9 Week Exploratory Art - Intro to Middle School Art - 7 Lessons in 9 Weeks

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Middle School Exploratory art should introduce students to different media and techniques and help them to understand the basics of visual art. This bundle gives students the opportunity to explore zendoodles, observational drawing, portrait drawing, oil pastels, sculpture, mixed media and art history in a non-threatening way.


  • Scope and Sequence Chart with Full Materials List broken down by project is uploaded as a preview file.
  • 6 Detailed Lesson plans with national standards, big ideas, essential questions, supplies, goals, objectives, step-by-step instructions and vocabulary.
  • 6 Assessment Guides/Evaluations
  • 7 Presentations with notes
  • 56 Worksheets covering the Elements of Art


  • Observational Drawing with Full Lesson, Presentation & Video Demonstrations
  • Portrait Lesson Full Lesson and Presentation
  • Worksheets on How to Grid
  • Worksheets on Line, Value and Texture
  • Worksheet of Facial Proportions


  • Hand Self-Portrait Full lesson with Videos and Presentation
  • Finish the Drawings Butterflies and Moths Mini-Lessons
    (and Colored Pencil Informational Sheet)


  • Exploring Limits in Creativity - Tea Bag Art Full Lesson and Presentation



  • Color Worksheets
  • Abstract Expressionism Full Lesson and Presentation


  • Introduction to Acrylics Presentation
  • Panty Hose Wire Sculptures Unit with Full Lesson and Presentation
  • Art Styles Index Cards



  • 5 Printable worksheet activities
  • 3 Informational Color Sheets (Color Wheel, Color Schemes and Tints and Shades)
  • 2 Keys
  • Tints and Shades and Intensity Worksheet
  • Color Schemes Worksheet (Primary, Secondary, Warm and Cool, Complementary, Analogous and Split Complements
  • Color Wheel Worksheet
  • Color and Emotion Worksheet
  • Color Designs based on Color Schemes worksheet


  • Element of Form Informational Sheet with examples
  • Vase activity sheet, create form with lines and value + Key
  • Forms activity sheet, create form using value


  • 2 Informational sheets on Line (or keys)
  • 5 Line activity worksheets
  • 3 Keys for activities
  • Organic and Geometric Lines worksheet
  • Lines in drawing: Blind contour, Contour and Cross Contour worksheet
  • The power of repeating lines worksheet (9 designs)
  • Large version of one of the power of repeating lines worksheet
  • Emotion of line worksheet


  • Value Worksheet with blended scale, cross-hatched scale and sphere
  • Abstract Composition exercise for students to practice blending
  • A key for each of the above worksheets is included.


  • Element of Space Worksheet with examples of 6 ways to create the illusion of space
  • Positive and Negative Space worksheet with Notan how-to sheet with examples
  • Composition sheet with examples of Rule of Thirds, Framing, Focal Point, Leading Create a composition key
  • Space worksheet for students to demonstrate knowledge of how to create the illusion of space
  • Student Notan Activity sheets (white and black box)
  • Composition worksheet for students to practice rules of composition
  • Blank Create a Composition Sheet with questions


  • Organic and Geometric Shapes - Students create a design for each
  • Tangram activity - Students cut out tangram shapes, trace and color their designs.
  • Shapes to 3-D Forms worksheet - Students create forms from 3 shapes
  • Henri Matisse worksheet - Students critique the shapes found in his piece "Beasts of the Sea"
  • Organic and Geometric Collage - In the manner of Matisse students create their own collage using shapes.
  • Plus and answer key for each of the 5 worksheets


  • Element of Texture Informational Sheet with examples
  • Create textures student activity based on informational sheet
  • Texture activity for students to create their own textures + key
  • Rubbing, then draw that rubbing activity sheet + key

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