Spring Art Lesson with Math and Science Activities

Spring Art Lesson with Math and Science Activities

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This Art lesson, video and and activities are based on the book Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni. It includes a detailed lesson plan with measuring, writing prompts, science fact sheet, cartoon panel prompt and coloring sheets for early finishers!

The video speaks directly to your students. Play in your classroom through your iPad or laptop or at home on any computer or tablet.

The 4-minute video takes children through each step of the collage process teaching them to tear tissue paper and cut paper to re-create a robin being measured by an inch worm! Emphasis is on having fun and creating their own version of the bird.


  • 22 Page Step-by-Step Art lesson PDF Presentation
  • Quicktime movie of the Art lesson process with step-by-step pictures and narration that speaks directly to the child.
  •  Detailed 4-page lesson plan for Math and Language Arts and State Standards for Visual Art.
  • It is broken down into sections: Visual Arts, Math and Language Arts.
  • 3 Math worksheets with 3 images each for measuring in inches and centimeters
  • Math Measuring Scavenger Hunt Extension activity for more advanced students includes 12 images to print, cut and laminate and hang around the room. Student recording sheet with columns for inches and centimeters.
  • 2 writing prompt worksheets each with single-lined and double-lined sheets for use with younger or older students.
  • 1 Cartoon Panel worksheet with prompt
  • Worm Facts science sheet
  • Who Eats Worms worksheet
  • Student Art Samples (in presentation)
  • Toucan Coloring Sheet
  • Flamingo Coloring Sheet
  • Robin Coloring Sheet

Put these all together for an amazing bulletin board when done! 


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