Edgar Allan Poe Biography Mini-Escape -Middle School ELA Author Interactive Game

Edgar Allan Poe Biography Mini-Escape -Middle School ELA Author Interactive Game

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This Edgar Allan Poe Biography Mini-Escape game is a one-lock escape room that introduces your students to Author Edgar Allan Poe in a fun and engaging way. This fully interactive biography game has students read an animated biography of the author, read animated slides of selected works, interesting facts, and quotes, then watch a short video. Finally, they play a game to solve the clue and win the escape! This escape room is completely paperless and requires no prep other than sharing the link.

The benefits of this mini-version are that it is perfect for use in combination with a research project based on Edgar Allan Poe or as an introduction to the author. It is self-contained and the information will enable students to learn about and/or fill out a research biography project. It is perfect for a 35-45 minute class period, leaving time for students to open computers, link, and learn about the author.

  • Great for introducing students to author Edgar Allan Poe if reading The Tell-Tale Heart, The Raven, Tamerlane and Other Poems, The Fall of the House of Usher, Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque, The Gold Bug and more.
  • Everything is contained within the escape, there are no outside links
  • Great as a companion piece to any research biography project
  • Students demonstrate their knowledge through a matching game and code.
  • A completion phrase is provided to students as proof they completed the escape.
  • Step-by-step teacher instructions with answer key is provided
  • Printable Biography Notes Sheet and notes for students to use with escape are included!
  • This project aligns with English Language Arts, Literacy, Informational Texts, Biography Research, Nonfiction, Literature.


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