Digital Review Game - Elements of Art Interactive Review Game

Digital Review Game - Elements of Art Interactive Review Game

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Students will enjoy this interactive, fully digital review game on the elements of art! In this activity, students will complete seven missions to find the code and win the game. This review was created using Genially and can be accessed online with any device. Students do not need to sign in to play the game, which can be assigned via a single link.

The mission, should they choose to accept it includes the following:


The entire review consists of 7 missions and 21 questions total, the entire review can be completed in minutes!

Before purchasing this resource you might want to see if your district restricts access to Genially links by clicking HERE to view a special message I made using Genially. Make sure to test on a student computer!!

Upon successful completion of each mission, students receive a secret number, that they will need to record. Once all seven missions have been completed, students will enter the four-digit number on the final vault page. If they are correct they will win the game and be given a completion phrase to give to you as proof they've completed the escape. (You can also have them take a screenshot of the final page.)

This resource downloads as a PDF file that contains the link to the digital game. Teachers will know students have successfully completed the questions when they provide you with the completion phrase at the end of the final mission.

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