Gingerbread Houses Workbook - Drawing Guide; How-to Draw a Gingerbread House

Gingerbread Houses Workbook - Drawing Guide; How-to Draw a Gingerbread House

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Oh, snap! This drawing workbook is full of Gingerbread houses that your students will enjoy creating. You will find a teacher instructions page, a fast motion video demonstration of one Gingerbread house being drawn, 8 step-by-step how to draw Gingerbread houses, 8 coloring pages, and a Decorate your own Gingerbread House worksheet for younger students. With 3 different levels of difficulty plus coloring sheets, this workbook would be great for any age group.

19 Page Workbook includes:

(8) Coloring Sheets (Recommended: Grades K-1)

Create your own Gingerbread House Activity (Recommended: Grades K-3)

Fast Motion Video Demonstration

(8) Drawing Guides for different Gingerbread houses (Recommended: Grades 3 and Up)

Level One:

  • Small Peppermint Candy House
  • Small Heart Door House

Level Two

  • Candy Cane House
  • Medium Peppermint House
  • Gumdrop House

Level Three:

  • Lollipop House
  • Evergreen House
  • Snowman House

Ways to use in your classroom:

  • As independent project work
  • In conjunction with other projects that you are teaching.
  • Great for Greeting Cards, Journals, Illustration projects, and more!
  • As early finisher work
  • As Sketchbook prompts
  • As sub lessons


Artwork used by A Space to Create Art, LLC with commercial license. All rights reserved. Drawing guides created by Sabrina Wingren, A Space to Create Art, LLC. Line art of Gingerbread houses is intended for use in the classroom and may not be used in resources for commercial purposes.

©2021 A Space to Create Art, LLC, Published November 29, 2021. All rights reserved.