Watercolor Technique Landscape

Watercolor Technique Landscape

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This lesson takes students through the process of creating a painting using beginning watercolor techniques, and color theory to create unity. Students explore the illusion of space through the use of atmospheric perspective and overlapping objects as well as basic compositional rules such as the rule of thirds.


  • 6 Page lesson plan
  • (Includes national standards, big idea, essential questions, goals, objectives and detailed process notes)
  • Color Scheme Worksheet with Key
  • Composition worksheets
  • 38 Page Powerpoint
  • Classroom visual display board photo
  • Rubric is in the form of a student self-evaluation (Editable Word Doc)
  • PDF of teacher notes to accompany powerpoint

This lesson is great for beginning watercolor students and helps develop confidence as a painter. High percentage of students are able to complete a successful painting using beginning watercolor techniques. Final paintings make a beautiful, colorful display.

I have taught watercolor painting at the secondary level for years and have used this lesson in my beginning watercolor classes. It is the perfect way to introduce students to basic watercolor techniques and concepts in a non-threatening way.



I appreciate any feedback on my resources and am always looking for ways to make them more useful!

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