Self-Portrait Drawing Lesson

Self-Portrait Drawing Lesson

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Teach student the basics of drawing with the self-portait lesson. Students learn about facial proportions and drawing on a grid before tackling the final project. Everything you need to teach a successful first drawing project, this lesson is perfect to show student growth on TPEP and other teacher evaluations. It’s like a magic trick to administrators, seeing the before and after portraits.


  • 4 Page Lesson Plan with National Standards, Big ideas, Essential questions, Goals and Objectives, Instructional Materials, Student supplies and detailed process. Also included are Vocabulary.
  • 2 Facial proportions worksheets
  • 8 Grid Method worksheets with escalating difficulty
  • 36 Page Powerpoint with student examples (editable ppt)
  • Student Self-Evaluation (editable word doc) 


  • This is set of 8 worksheets takes students through the process of drawing on a grid. They progressively get harder as you move through the set. It starts with simple line drawings that are pre-labelled, then has students label the grid themselves, then has students use photographic reference. On the photographic reference sheets, students identify the contour lines, draw the subject and then add value to create the illusion of 3-dimensions on a flat surface.


  • Take students step-by step with worksheets provided and the powerpoint on how to draw the basic facial proportions.


  • Finally have students apply the knowledge they’ve learned through observational drawing, grids and facial structure using a photographic reference to create their self-portraits.  

National Visual Arts Standards Anchor Standards:


  • Anchor Standard #1. Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.
  • Anchor Standard #2. Organize and develop artistic ideas and work.
  • Anchor Standard #3. Refine and complete artistic work


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