Leonardo da Vinci Art History Workbook- da Vinci Biography - Middle, High School

Leonardo da Vinci Art History Workbook- da Vinci Biography - Middle, High School

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This art history workbook teaches students about the artist Leonardo da Vinci using the Discipline-Based Art Education model. Students learn about da Vinci through reading and watching a biography of the artist, viewing a codex of his sketchbook on Flying, analyzing a painting, and finally watching a video demonstration for completing their final project. The final project is multiple views of a subject sketches that are then applied to a pyramid template that they fold to create a form.

Students learn about how da Vinci approached the world through examination, sketching, and notes. The final project has students create a pyramid form using sketches of a subject they choose. Once complete the students fill out a reflection sheet on their final artwork.

Worksheets can be used as sub lessons, as enrichment to your art lessons, or as min-lessons on their own. An essential for any art classroom.

What's inside: (See Preview File)

  • Artist biography information sheet with examples
  • Instruction sheet
  • More resources sheet with links to videos
  • (3) Coloring Sheets with color schemes
  • Analysis of Head of a Woman (La Scapigliata)
  • Analysis of Codex on The Flight of Birds
  • Multiple views sketch worksheet
  • Project Planning Sheet
  • Pyramid form template
  • Demonstration Video
  • Project Guidelines
  • Project Example
  • Project Reflection Sheet


  • Analysis of Head of a Woman (La Scapigliata) KEY
  • Analysis of Codex on The Flight of Birds KEY

Ways to use in the classroom:

  1. As an introduction to a famous artist and their work.
  2. Worksheets culminate with student creating their own work in the style of artist.
  3. To support other skills such as: Communication through art
  4. Value of study and sketches to scientific research
  5. As early finisher work or as a quick art substitute lesson.

Note: There are options on how to give students color references other than to print these sheets in color. You can project the example using a document camera or have students look up artwork on a chrome book or smartphone, for example.

Copyright Info:

Line art created by Sabrina Wingren. Workbook concept, art lesson and project example by Sabrina Wingren.

Photos of artwork by Leonardo da Vinci

They are historically significant artwork

The images are readily available on the Internet

The images are a low-resolution copy of the original artwork and are unsuitable for commercial reproduction.

The majority of the content in this resource was created solely by Sabrina Wingren.

Photos of da Vinci's original artwork being used only for supplemental informational and educational purposes.

All line art created by Sabrina Wingren and may not be used in any way other than for classroom use.

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