Jacob Lawrence Art History Workbook- Biography & Art Activity Unit Middle School

Jacob Lawrence Art History Workbook- Biography & Art Activity Unit Middle School

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This art history workbook teaches students about the artist Jacob Lawrence using the Discipline-Based Art Education model. Students learn about Lawrence and his artistic process through reading and watching a biography of the artist, an art analysis, coloring sheets, and reflecting on the way he would develop a narrative series of art, similar to writing a graphic novel, film, or computer game. Finally, students create their own piece of art based on current-day issues they've researched and reflected on.

The final project has students create a piece of art that illustrates a newsworthy topic that is important to them. They will find an article based on something they've experienced, create a geometric/graphic drawing of the subject and write a caption similar in style to the art of Jacob Lawrence. Once complete the students fill out a reflection sheet on their final artwork.

Worksheets can be used as sub lessons, as enrichment to your art lessons, or as min-lessons on their own. An essential for any art classroom.

What's inside: (See Preview File)

  • Artist biography information sheet with examples
  • Instruction sheet
  • More resources sheet with links to videos
  • (3) Coloring Sheets with color schemes
  • (1) Coloring Sheet with reflection questions
  • Analysis of The Library
  • Analysis of Four Panels from The Migration Series
  • Elements of Art in Jacob Lawrence's work
  • Jacob Lawrence's use of color worksheet
  • Final Project Planning Sheet
  • FInal Project Sheet with Title and Caption
  • Student Example
  • Project Reflection Sheet


  • Analysis of The Library KEY
  • Analysis of Four Panels from The Migration Series KEY
  • Elements of Art in Lawrence's work KEY
  • Lawrence's use of color worksheet KEY

Ways to use in the classroom:

  1. As an introduction to a famous artist and their work.
  2. Worksheets culminate with student creating their own work in the style of artist.
  3. To support other skills such as: Communication through Art
  4. Learn about Narrative Art
  5. As early finisher work or as a quick art substitute lesson.

Note: There are options on how to give students color references other than to print these sheets in color. You can project the example using a document camera or have students look up artwork on a chrome book or smartphone, for example.

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Copyright Fair Use Rationale:

Artist original artwork being used only for demonstration/supplemental information.

Artist artwork featured are:

Historically significant artworks

Readily available on the internet

A low-resolution copy of the original artwork and are unsuitable for commercial reproduction.

This workbook was produced in collaboration with MaryJo Rosania-Harvie. Coloring sheets were created by Maryjo Rosania-Harvie for A Space to Create Art, LLC. for exclusive use in this resource.

©2021 A Space to Create, Published October 26, 2021

Not intended for resale or sharing on an open/public website without permission.