Inspire Creativity in ELA

Do you need inspiration in your classroom for ELA? Not just any inspiration, but CREATIVE inspiration? Click on image above to see all my ELA lessons!
Engaging students in any subject area can be tricky, inspiring them to be creative within your lesson, well that may be harder, BUT it doesn't have to be! Lessons can still be developmentally appropriate, without starting from scratch to add that creative element. Let’s be clear, creativity is NOT fluff; it’s the expansion of choice within a range you choose.
What’s the goal to inspire creativity? Simple. Captivate students who want to do the lesson while learning, without them realizing they are doing it.
For English Language Arts, you can inspire creativity by:
  • Give students VOICE. Students want to be in charge of their own message they are trying to create.
  • Give students CHOICE. Students love when they can choose how to do something and what is involved in the process. Again, this is going to be in a set range of choice by you. 
  • Give students SPACE. A space can be the freedom to create without constraints, judgment free zones, and a low-stakes environment. 
Let’s take a look at these lessons for ELA that WILL be sure to inspire creativity!
I love this lesson for Grades 4-10! It is a process lesson that incorporates the personal narrative piece of ELA, but also inspires creativity in your students with the Zendoodles inside the hand that they create.
Check out my blog post about this full process lesson HERE. 
For Middle and High School students, this Found Poetry lesson will INSPIRE creativity for sure! This lesson is in both digital and paper format so teachers and students can choose which will produce the most creative end product.
Read about the full process lesson on my blog post HERE
Want more ways to inspire creativity in your students? Check out some more ideas HERE!
Remember creativity is different for everyone! YOU just have to inspire it.