Found Poetry Process - Art and Prose...Individuality and Voice

A great lesson for students to show their individuality and voice in their work! Students find a page from a book to create their own prose from the words, then overlay artwork on top of the page that represents the theme of their poem. 
Here are the basics:
  • Medium: Ink and Watercolor Pencils or Colored Pencils 
  • Project Length:  2-3 Days
  • Grade: 6-12
  • Objectives:
    • Identify central theme of narrative and apply it to the artwork so that the art effectively communicates the theme.
    • Create meaning in a piece of art through the creation of a poem using words and phrases from a book. 
    • Create a narrative written in a logical sequence. Identify central theme of narrative and apply it to the artwork so that the art effectively communicates the theme.
    • Maintain a consistent tone and point of view in narrative.
  • Materials: Old books or magazines, Elmer’s Glue or glue sticks, small cups for glue/water mixture (if using Elmer’s), watercolor paint or markers, pencils, Sharpie Marker, paint brushes (if using paint), water cups (if using paint)
  • See links below for full lesson with video demonstrations as well as a fully digital version with video demonstration!

The Process

Choose a page that has a lot of text, then circle a few words to make your poem. Try not to read too carefully, rather skim the page and circle words that speak to you!

Once you have a poem that you like, brush glue mixture onto the page, cover the entire thing! And quickly place onto thick paper.


Think of a word that represents the core idea of your poem and draw it onto your page. Find reference for that image to use for your drawing! You can absolutely change it up, but it just gives you a place to start!

Once your page is dry, circle or square off the words of your poem with Sharpie, draw out central theme image and plan where you will place the word that describes the central theme of your poem!

Go over your core idea with Sharpie using lettering example or font as reference!
Discuss some of my student's final work to inspire your students!

Most of all, enjoy creating! The students loved the freedom of choice in this activity. Here is a link to the full lesson with both traditional and digital versions and full demonstration videos!