Romero Britto Dogs

I taught an A-Step after school art class recently and had kids that ranged from Kindergarten to Fifth grade all in one class. Whoa! I had to find a lesson that would work for all of them and it took me a few weeks, but I finally did it with this lesson!

All of my students were able to create a successful Romero Britto dog and they also learned about Art history, Patterns, Rhythm, Color Schemes and Unity while doing it!

Here are the basics:
  • Medium – Oil Pastel & Watercolor
  • Project Length – 3 days
  • Grade – K-5
  • Objective – Explore color theory, patterns, repetition, rhythm and unity as well as learn about Pop Art and Romero Britto.
  • Materials – Pattern idea sheets and practice sheets. How to draw a dog sheet (if desired), Introduction to Romero Britto. Watercolor paper, or thick drawing paper, Oil Pastels or crayons, Watercolor Paint, Watercolor Brushes, Water cups.
  • Technique: I start the lesson with a powerpoint presentation introducing students to the Pop Art movement and to Romero Britto. We discuss what makes his art interesting or unique which is the color and patterns. Next we practiced creating patterns on a worksheet in pencil. I demonstrated how to draw a dog and also gave students a sheet with step-by-step instructions on how to draw a dog, but I encouraged them to make it their own somehow! We then drew our dogs onto the watercolor paper with black oil pastel and divided the background (negative space) into 3-4 sections. Next students chose from the practice patterns they had created and filled in each section of their backgrounds with a different pattern using whatever color of oil pastel they wanted. Then then filled each shape inside their dogs with patterns. Finally, thinking of color theory students filled each of the sections of their drawings with watercolor.
  • Link to the full lesson with doodle starter ideas, how-to-draw dog worksheets and 40 page PPT of lesson walk-through with introduction to Romero Britto.

Here is the process we went through to create their art:

And some of the kids' final art:

This was a really fun project for the kids to do and they learned not only about art history but it included math as well.

Sabrina Wingren
A Space to Create