High School Acrylic Painting: A Kaleidoscope of Color - Fun, Easy Radial Dot Paintings

I have students create a radial symmetry design, then use color mixing to create a color plan, transfer their design to final canvas/paper and create unity through the use of color and design. Students also learn about variety and movement with dots. Here are the basics of the lesson:
Medium: Acrylic painting (Could also use Tempera)
Time: 2-3 weeks
Grade: 9-12  Painting I

Objective: Explore radial symmetry, color mixing, tints and shades, unity and movement.
Materials: Canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, water, paper towel, drawing paper, pencils, rulers, chalk for transfer, plastic cups with lids to save paint once mixed. Tape and beaver board to tape canvas/paper to for painting.

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Here’s the process:


Here’s some finished paintings, still waiting on 2 to be finished! I will update when the kids are done!

Have fun with this one! It is a great way to teach kids about color mixing, tints and shades, radial symmetry, movement, variety and unity!

Kaleidoscope Acrylic Painting: Radial Dots Painting Lesson