How to Play a Virtual Escape Room

Have you heard of a virtual escape room? They are different from in-person escape rooms, but in many ways they are even more fun. You can play an online escape room with friends near and far through virtually any screen-sharing program. The collaborative nature of these escapes make them perfect for any party or corporate team building activity!

Working Together as a Team

While playing you will examine clues and solve puzzles as a team and working together takes good communication. Allow every player to participate and give ideas, even if they are outside the box! Many times, this is how you will end up solving the puzzle and winning the escape!

Have Pen and Paper Ready

In our virtual escape rooms, you may have to decipher, listen, or interact with puzzle and clues. You can take screenshots or write down any part of the clue make it easier to solve those puzzles. You can also jot down ideas, things that you see, and the other things you see that may be something you need as you proceed in the game.

Use a Screen-Sharing Platform

To play our virtual escape rooms, you will need a screen-sharing platform. It can be any platform you choose including Zoom or Microsoft Teams. If possible, assign someone as you team leader to manage the screen-sharing platform and keep the teams organized. You’ll want to have a good understand of the platform before hosting an event. Make sure your teammates also have a good understanding of the platform and have it open and ready to use when it’s time to start the escape. You can use split screens and breakout rooms to make the experience even more engaging and fun!

Utilize all Team Members

Thinking outside the box is essential in a virtual escape game. Some parts of the game require you to look at things in a different way, so you’ll want to utilize all the members of your team. A puzzle that seems impossible to one person will be easy for another and vice versa. 

Solve Clues in Order

You will need to solve the clues in order. You will not be allowed into clue 2 until you solve clue 1 and so on. Clues will appear between 2-3 minutes and the answer to each clue will appear after being on the puzzle for 7 minutes, which can be clicked on if desired. This is so that the escape can be played without a host if desired.

Try One Today!

Try out your first virtual escape room now! We have escapes for your next Holiday party, Family Game Night, Christmas event, Birthday party, New Years' Eve Party or Corporate Team-building Event!


⭐ Fully Immersive 360° Environment
⭐ Interactive, animated puzzles
⭐ Play with one link, all gameplay is inside the escape room!
⭐ Play as many times as you want
⭐ Play with as many players as you want for one price!
⭐ Completely virtual so can play online or in person
⭐ Hints and answers are embedded