Fun and Engaging Art History! Digital Escape Rooms!

Everyone agrees that art history is an important component to a quality of art education. However, we all know as public high school educators that visual art is an elective. That's right. Most students don't have a requirement to take art, or at least not visual art. 

So it's important that we make our classes not only rich with art history but engaging and fun for kids! Enter the "Digital Escape Room." I love that this is a fun and engaging way for students to learn about art history!

Here is how it works. The first thing you will do as a teacher is play the escape room yourself. Don't worry, it's fun! Make sure your school will allow you and your students to the websites that are in the escape room, including youtube, googlesites, thinglink and jigsaw. Next you will go to the Escape room homepage on google sites. 

You will take the students through the rules and how to play. Then they click on the image/link provided and they are off!

The room opens to a 360 degree escape room! Kids start by reading the "setup", in this case, thieves have stolen Van Gogh's Starry Night. You must follow the clues and find the painting before it disappears into the art underworld forever!

The goal of the game is to answer all of the clues. To do that you need to go to the locks page by clicking the "lock icon" in the escape room. It will take you to each lock. You must answer the locks/questions in numerical order. 

Once they answer all of the locks, the painting is found and they win the game. This is a fun and engaging way for students to become acquainted with Vincent Van Gogh and his work. It is also a wonderful way to teach students how to read and follow instructions! Many students (an adults) struggle with this and it's an important skill to learn!

The whole experience lasts around 45 minutes. Have fun with this one! It is available now on my Shopify store. Just click the link below.


Have fun exploring with your students!

Sabrina Wingren
A Space to Create Art