In this Blinking Origami Dragon Eye students will make origami come alive!

In this process lesson, students will make origami come alive by creating a dragon's eye! Students will follow a technique through origami to create the eye shape, draw the eye, eyelids and then blend colors through pastels or colored pencils to finish the piece. 
Here are the basics:
  • Medium: Colored Pencil or Oil Pastels
  • Project Length: 2-3 days
  • Grade: 3-8
  • Objectives:
    • Learn to blend colors
    • Learn to fold origami using a specific technique
  • Materials: 
    • 12” x 12” squares of drawing paper
    • Pencils and Erasers
    • Sharpie Markers
    • Colored pencils or pastels
    • Copies of how-to worksheets and PowerPoint from lesson.

The Process
There are several process steps in this lesson:

    • Folding the Paper - See the demonstration below!

    • Drawing the Dragon Eye
    • Drawing the Dragon Eyelids

Here is the student process from start to finish!



Student Final Piece Examples: 

Students will love this process lesson of folding and then creating their unique dragon's eye through shape and color! Click the links below to see the easy steps and lesson plans!

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