Distance Learning for Visual Art

Distance Learning for Visual Art

    How do you prepare for teaching your art class when you aren't sure when or where your students will be? 

    The answer will be different for every art teacher, but there are some surefire ways to be ready for back-to-school regardless of whether or not we are back in the classroom full-time, part-time, or not at all.

    Check out the list below for helpful tips on distance learning and resources that are flexible enough to be used both in the classroom and from home.

    Tips and Tricks for Distance Learning:

    Secondary Visual Art Resources for Distance Learning:

    100% Online Resources: These are meant to be completed by students online, there is no printing or downloading necessary. 

    PDF Resources: Many lessons are already in PDF format and can be used for distance learning. These are PDF documents that can easily be uploaded to your digital platform and downloaded for your students to work on.

    Hybrid Resources: These resources are created to be used in the classroom but have the flexibility to be taught from a distance. My introduction to art curriculum has demonstration videos, slides presentations, digital evaluations, and PDF worksheets for students to use from home and in the classroom. Tiffany Fox from MrsTFox Resources also has a lot of demonstration videos that make learning from home easier for secondary art students.

    A last thought before I sign off. Have your students share their artwork on an IG board or Pinterest board, anywhere that is collaborative and where they can see each other's artwork. Sharing work is such an important part of art and shouldn't be forgotten!

    Hang in there, secondary art teachers! We are here to help and we are all in this together! Have a wonderful school year!

    Sabrina Wingren
    A Space to Create Art