Crayon Wax Batik Fall Leaves Art Lesson

This is such a fun and easy lesson for students to learn about warm and cool colors and the process of Batik. The final result is quite amazing considering they are created using only crayons and white copy paper! And it couldn’t be a better lesson to teach this Fall!

Here are the basics:
  • Medium – Crayon Batik
  • Project Length – 1-2 Days
  • Grade – 2-6
  • Objectives:
    • Explore color theory, warm and cool colors
    • Identify fall leaf types
    • Lean about the history and process of batik
  • Materials – Crayons, Fall leaf example worksheet, History of batik worksheet, rubric, Brushes, Water, Copy paper, Watered down black acrylic paint, color wheel and paper towels.
  • Technique: Start by discussing fall leaf types using fall leaf worksheet, what batik is and it’s history and finally about warm and cool colors. Next, students draw leaves using black crayon, tell them to fill the page with their leaf! Leaves can go off the edge of the page if they want. Students then decide whether to color the leaf in warm or cool colors, (I let them choose), then they fill the background with the opposite color scheme. The most fun part for the kids is when they get to scrunch up their leaves in a ball. Students flatten out their pages and use watered down black acrylic paint to brush over their crayon batik making sure to get the black into the creases of their artwork. Finally they sop up the extra black paint with paper towels.

Some photos of the process:


Some photos of the kids’ final art:


I taught this lesson at a summer camp and it was a blast. You can do this technique with anything! Love it!

Enjoy creating!

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