Starry Night Heist - Digital Escape Room

Starry Night Heist - Digital Escape Room

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This Starry Night Heist Escape room is full 360° escape room and loaded with ways for your students to learn about Vincent Van Gogh in a fun, engaging and interactive way. The escape room is a special exhibition gallery with works of Van Gogh's art on the walls. Students must solve 5 clues to unlock the mystery of the stolen masterpiece!

How does it work?
By clicking on the play button in the center of the gallery the digital escape room opens. Students start by looking for the red start button. This is the set up for the game and gives the students their first clue to solve the first lock. There are five clues and five locks in all. The game is set up to last approximately 45 minutes.

  • Great for exposing students to art history.
  • Teacher instructions with answer key is provided
  • Homepage website takes students through how to play and includes a timer and link to the escape room to get them started.
  • Promotes team building, cooperative learning, and deductive reasoning
  • Clues include: Puzzle; Video Clip of Van Gogh Self-Portraits, Video Clip of the Atelier des Lumières Paris Starry Night exhibition, Quiz, and Google maps for final clue.
  • Includes student worksheet for notes for use during the escape room.
  • Great for e-learning, just send the links to parents email and they're off to solve the mystery from home! Parents can download the PDF worksheet for students to take notes if desired.

Digital Escape Room Tip for Teachers:
Check your school's website filter before beginning the escape room. You will need access to:

  • Google Sites
  • Thinglink
  • YouTube
  • Google Forms
  • Google Maps

Before purchasing, please check to make sure you will be able to use these sites. Please play the escape room and check to be sure your student devices will work with the websites listed above.

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