Escape from Dystopia Digital Escape: Middle/High School ELA Digital Escape

Escape from Dystopia Digital Escape: Middle/High School ELA Digital Escape

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⭐Secondary ELA students are invited to take up the cause and fight for their freedom and independence. To do so they will need to solve all five locks to break free of the oppression that threatens to overtake them! ⭐ This fully immersive 360° Escape from Dystopia Digital Escape engages students with 5 clues that take them through Dystopian/Utopian Literature elements. ⭐ Teen students are invited to compete using clues that teach the characteristics/ideas/protagonists of dystopian and utopian literature. 

A perfect introduction to Dystopian fiction, perfect for use with any Dystopian unit or novel including The Giver, The Hunger Games, Farhenheit 451, Orwell's 1984 and more. ⭐ Playing this fully immersive 360° Dystopian digital escape room is engaging and fun for students and with no printing, copying, or cutting and a full teacher guide with answers, this digital activity is ready to use!

Once in the escape, students will click the red start button. This animated slide show takes students through the setup of the escape and gives the students instructions on how to play. There are five clues, plus extras.

Here's what's inside:

    • Learn - About Utopias vs. Dystopias through an animated slide show that takes students through the definition of each, characteristics of each, the ideas of each, and the characteristics of each of the genre's protagonists.
    • CLUE - Drag and drop elements of dystopia vs. utopia into columns, using numbers described in clue students will solve a Caesar cipher to get the answer to this lock!
    • Read - Short story, The Pedestrian in the form of an animated slide show.
    • CLUE - Complete a google quiz based on the story, answer to lock is an alpha combination.
  • CLUE #3: HIDDEN ICON - Dystopian Song Lyric
    • Solve - a Cryptogram that leads students to a hidden icon in the escape room
    • CLUE - Click on the hidden icon based on the answer to the cryptogram. Students will listen to dystopian song that will give them the answer to the lock.
  • CLUE #4: Macintosh's 1984 commercial
    • Read - A synopsis of George Orwells' 1984 novel
    • Read - Background on Macintosh''s 1984 commercial
    • WATCH: 60 second commercial
    • CLUE: Complete a plot diagram of commercial to find the answer to this lock
  • CLUE #5: Dystopian Headlines in the News
    • Read - 8 current dystopian headlines in the news via an animated slide show
    • Read - Synopses of 6 different dystopian novels
    • CLUE: Match a current headline with a dystopian novel to find the clue

(Hidden Icon)

  • How to recognize a Dystopia video
  • Dystopia vocabulary pac-man game

Location marker: Modern day dystopia

  • Google Earth North Korea
  • Personal account of Min Jin Lee Video

Why teach it?

  • It's a perfect way to introduce students to dystopian or utopian fiction
  • Great in combination with any Dystopian novel unit
  • It reinforces logic and reasoning skills
  • It promotes cooperative learning and deductive reasoning
  • Perfect for the English Language Arts classroom

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