Elements of Story, Animated Shorts, ELA Digital Escape: Middle School Escape

Elements of Story, Animated Shorts, ELA Digital Escape: Middle School Escape

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This fully immersive 360° Short Films Digital Escape engages students with 5 Pixar short films that take them through the Elements of a Story. They have just announced the next big animator competition! ⭐ This is the chance of a lifetime and you decide to enter the competition. But it won't be easy. They have devised many tests for you to complete on your journey.⭐ This fully immersive 360° Pixar Short Films Digital Escape engages students with 5 Pixar short films that take them through the Elements of a Story. ⭐ Young teen students are invited to compete using clues that practice Short Story Elements such as Plot, Conflict, Characterization, Setting, Point of View, and Theme. All tasks are skills-based so that when the escape is complete your students will come away with a stronger understanding of the elements of a story. 

A perfect introduction to Short Story Elements. ⭐ Playing this fully immersive 360° Pixar Short Films digital escape room will teach students about the elements of a short story including plot, conflict, character development, setting, point of view, and theme. Engaging and fun this interactive, immersive digital escape has students complete 5 challenges. With no printing, copying, or cutting and a full teacher guide with answers, this digital activity is ready to use!

Once in the escape, students will click the red start button. This animated slide show takes students through the setup of the escape and gives the students instructions on how to play. There are five clues, plus extras.

Here's what's inside:

    • Read - About Conflict (Rising/Falling Action & Types)
    • Watch: Partly Cloudy
    • CLUE - Drag & Drop Events into Rising/Falling Action & Main Conflict VENN Diagram
    • Extra - Types of Conflict match-up game
  • CLUE #2: PIPER
    • Read - About Characters & Characterization
    • Watch: Piper
    • CLUE - Drag and Drop Character traits at beginning and end of story
    • Extra - Match emotions and expressions of Piper game
  • CLUE #3: LAVA
    • Read - About Setting and Watch video about Point of View
    • Watch: Lava
    • CLUE - Help the volcanos find each other maze and cipher
    • Extra - Define Elements of a Story hangman game
  • CLUE #4: LA LUNA
    • Read - About Plot Elements: exposition, conflict, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.
    • CLUE: Take an animated quiz, collect numbers and open a safe
    • Extra - PacMan Plot Diagram game
    • Read & Watch: About Theme
    • Watch: Lava
    • CLUE: Solve crossword defining themes of 5 films watched
    • Extra: Plot and Theme balloon pop game

Extra: (Hidden Icon)

  • A day in the life of a Pixar animator video
  • Reflection questions for each film included inside escape, and as a separate PDF document. Ways to use in the classroom are included inside the teacher instructions resource.

Why teach it?

  • It's a perfect way to introduce students to the elements of a short story in a fun and engaging way.
  • Great in combination with any unit on Story Elements
  • It reinforces logic and reasoning skills
  • It promotes cooperative learning and deductive reasoning
  • Perfect for the English Language Arts classroom

©2021 Fair Use Rationale:
Full Concept, Game Play, Interactivity, Storyline, and 360° background were conceived and created by Sabrina Wingren. Most artwork is either original or commercially licensed from freepik, Adobe stock &/or pixabay.

Music is commercially licensed from Fesliyan Studios.

Pixar Short Videos are readily available on YouTube for students and teachers to view.

©2021 A Space to Create. Published May 24, 2021. All rights reserved. Concept, Game Play, and Environment background created by Sabrina Wingren. You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer, sell or profit in any way from the use of this escape room without permission. This includes sites such as outschool where you are teaching a lesson for profit.