Digital Escape Room - Winterland Art Digital Escape - JMW Turner & Robert Frost

Digital Escape Room - Winterland Art Digital Escape - JMW Turner & Robert Frost

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One cold and wintry night you are researching wintertime artwork by famous artists when you drift off to sleep. As you doze, it slowly begins to snow, and all around you, and the landscape is being blanketed in white. Fear flutters in your stomach and despite the cold, you begin to sweat with fear. As you trudge through the snow you spy a light shimmering in the distance and move in that direction. Maybe someone there can help you find your way home.

This fully immersive 360° Digital Escape Room takes students through an understanding of artists J.M.W. Turner, Winslow Homer, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Claude Monet, and Charley Harper. Extras include Robert Frost reading "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" with reflection questions, a quick snowy woods acrylic painting tutorial and more.

Students start by looking for the red start button. This is the setup for the game and gives the students their first clue to solving the first lock. There are five clues and five locks in all. The game is set up to last approximately 60 minutes.

  • Great for introducing students to a variety of artists and artwork.
  • Reinforces logic and reasoning skills
  • An editable Google student notes sheet is provided.
  • Teacher instructions with answer key is provided
  • Promotes team building, cooperative learning, and deductive reasoning
  • Clues include:
    • Clue #1: Monet: Interactive "Find the Path" puzzle
    • Clue #2: JMW Turner: "Snow Storm" Image Cipher
    • Clue #3: Bruegel: Quiz Combination Lock
    • Clue #4: Harper: Interactive "Find the owl without a match puzzle
    • Clue #5: Homer: Interactive Sum Total Clue
    • Final Clue: Unscramble famous artists' names/paintings. (Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc and Alexander Calder.
    • Robert Frost reading "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening"
    • Poem with reflection questions as Google Slides document
    • Wordsearch for artists/paintings to use as a summary
    • Acrylic painting tutorial for snowy woods
    • Albrecht Durer "The Hare" Video
    • Includes student worksheet for notes for use during the escape room.

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