Back to School Digital Escape
Back to School Digital Escape
Back to School Digital Escape
Back to School Digital Escape
Back to School Digital Escape
Back to School Digital Escape

Back to School Digital Escape

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★ Start off the school year right with your middle/high school students! ★ Get to know them with a student interest survey, set goals using a google slides template, and give them information about how to get involved! ★ Learn about growth mindset, self-discipline, and how to stay organized. ★ This interactive digital escape takes students through the keys to success in school in a fun and engaging way.

A full step-by-step teacher guide and lesson plan that walks you through the answers to each clue is included. This escape is 100% digital, you and your students must have access to google drive in order to play this escape room. Take a look at the preview video/preview file to get a closer look!

Once in the escape, students will click the red start button. This is the set up for the game and gives the students their first clue to solving the first lock. There are six clues/locks inside plus extras!

Here's what's inside:
  • Google Forms Editable Student Interest Survey (You get the results from the Survey!)
  • Interactive Digital Escape with 6 puzzles/games (all online)
  • Google Forms Lock Page
  • A Digital Google Notes Sheet
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals Slides Presentation
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals Sheet for Students to Set their own Goals.
  • Editable Get Connected Google Slides (customize for your own school!)
  • A Full Lesson Plan
  • Step-by-step teacher instructions with answer key are provided

Why teach it?
  • It's a perfect introduction to middle school and high school!
  • It reinforces logic and reasoning skills
  • It promotes back to school team building, cooperative learning, and deductive reasoning
  • It's great for e-learning, just post the link to your district platform and they're off to solve the mystery from home! Be sure that you and your student have access to the google drive before playing. Guides are included in teacher notes!
  • Can be used as a back to School Ice-Breaker/Team Building Escape.

Clues in escape include:
  • Setting Goals: Inspirational Kid President Video/SMART goals templates
  • Growth Mindset: Drag and drop keywords about growth mindset/Growth mindset quiz
  • Organization: Solve a puzzle based on text message/Dewey Decimal System/ Watch 6 Habits of Highly Organized People Video.
  • Self-Discipline: 5 characteristics of self-discipline graphic
  • Connected: Geography puzzle/Editable Slides presentation for the teacher to complete and provide students with activities/clubs available at YOUR school

Final clue: Inspirational animated video with the final clue.
• OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES: Growth Mindset Quiz; 6 Habits of Highly Organized People; Get Connected Slides; Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals Slides Presentation.
Digital Escape Room Tip for Teachers: Check your school's website filter before beginning the escape room. You will need access to:
  • Google Drive/Slides/Forms/Drawings, etc.
  • Thinglink
  • YouTube
  • Wordwall
  • EdPuzzle
  • JigsawPlanet

Before purchasing, please check to make sure you and your students will be able to use these sites by clicking on the test website link above. It is your responsibility to make sure the links will work before purchasing. Feedback left for technical issues does not reflect the function of this escape room.

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