Origami Fortune Teller - Cootie Catcher Poetry ELA/Art Project

Origami Fortune Teller - Cootie Catcher Poetry ELA/Art Project

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This printable origami fortune teller (cootie-catcher) is based on the poem, I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud by William Wordsworth which can be used as a stand-alone lesson, and/or as an example for a larger project. This resource includes a full lesson plan, presentation, demonstration video, and worksheet packet. The project has students determine the meaning for different sections of their choice of poem, create symbols for those meanings and use unity to design a cootie-catcher zine.

More about the project section of the lesson: Using the structure of a cootie-catcher (origami fortune-teller) students break a poem into four symbols and find an overarching theme, then design and apply those symbols to their cootie-catcher. Finally, they write the verses of the poem in the interior of the cootie-catcher. Once complete students play with and share their learning with each other using the cootie-catcher as a learning device.


Detailed Student Worksheet Packet with:

  • William Wordsworth's poem, I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud which includes, symbol designs, overarching theme design, and poem as a cootie-catcher zine.
  • A list of suggested poems
  • Illustrated steps of how to create their cootie-catcher zine.
  • Illustrated folding instructions

2 Page Lesson Plan with Common Core Standards for English Language Arts; Big ideas, Essential questions, Objectives, Instructional Materials, Supplies, and detailed process.

Editable Rubric

Editable PowerPoint with step-by-step instructions

Fully Narrated Video demonstration

See video preview for an overview of the lesson!

I love seeing student artwork! Share yours with me on Instagram @spacetocreateart.

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Full Concept of this Poetry Zine Cootie Catcher was developed, designed, and created by Sabrina Wingren. All Artwork used is a modified version of licensed art from Freepik.com, commercial license.

This workbook was produced by A Space to Create Art LLC. All rights reserved.

©2021 A Space to Create Art, LLC., Published October 29, 2021.