Urban Legends, 360° Halloween Digital Escape Room, ELA Reading Middle School

Urban Legends, 360° Halloween Digital Escape Room, ELA Reading Middle School

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⭐ It is the season for frights, and what is better than a good spooky story? The timing is perfect to gather students together for some tales of terror with this 360 Halloween digital escape room. ⭐ This fully immersive 360 view Halloween Digital Escape Room for ELA conjures up thrills and chills while reading and listening to scary stories. ⭐ Young teen students are invited to hunker down in this dark forest and listen to scary tales using clues that practice reading, listening, sequencing, comparisons, logic, and other important skills!

A perfect introduction to Urban Legends and Folklore. ⭐ Playing this fully immersive 360° Halloween digital escape room will have students listen and read spooky stories passed down through the generations. Engaging and fun this interactive, immersive digital escape has students complete 6 challenges. With no printing, copying, or cutting and a full teacher guide with answers, this fully interactive digital activity is ready to use!

You will need to open both the PDF and the Easel Activity to access the link to the escape/instructions, and the digital notes sheet in Easel.

Once in the escape, students will click the red start button. This animated slide show takes students through the setup of the escape and gives the students instructions on how to play. There are six clues, plus extras.

Here's what's inside:


  • Read - About Urban Legends
  • Quiz - Take a quiz to get letters for your cipher
  • CLUE - Solve the Spiral writing cipher


  • Listen - to story of Harold
  • Story Sequence - Click and drag events into correct sequence to open puzzle
  • Puzzle - Solve a PigPen cipher


  • Read - The Legend of Black Aggie
  • Quiz - Take a quiz to open puzzle
  • Puzzle - Solve a Cryptogram


  • Listen- to The Hook
  • Quiz - Take a quiz to open puzzle
  • Puzzle - Solve a Hopscotch Cipher


  • Explore - The Legend of the Bear Lake Monster
  • See & Read - Photos of the Monster
  • Puzzle - Sum Total Clue based on content

CLUE #6: THE LEGEND OF BLOODY MARY (Compare & Contrast)

  • Read Story 1 - The Legend of Bloody Mary (Witch)
  • Listen to Story 2 - The Legend of Bloody Mary (Young Girl)
  • CLUE - Drag & Drop story elements in VENN Diagram


  • Slender Man Easter Egg
  • Fact or Folklore Game
  • Urban Legends Word Search

Why teach it?

  • It's a perfect way to introduce urban legends and folklore to students
  • Great in combination with any unit on Urban Legends or Folklore
  • It reinforces logic and reasoning skills
  • It promotes cooperative learning and deductive reasoning
  • Perfect for the Middle/High School English Language Arts Classroom

Digital Escape Room Tip for Teachers:

There are many times when students will need to rely on reading instructions to get them to the next step. They will want you to give them the answers, but all the information is there for them to discover. Breaking students into teams really helps keep kids engaged and allows them to collaborate making this kind of activity even more fun. Before purchasing, please check to make sure you and your students will be able to use these sites by clicking on the test website link above. It is your responsibility to make sure the links will work before purchasing.

©2020 A Space to Create. All rights reserved. Environment background created by Sabrina Wingren. Background created by Sabrina Wingren, 2021 using a compilation of illustrations licensed through Freepik and Adobe Stock images. All rights reserved.

Stories included in this escape room by the Brothers Grimm are in the public domain in the United States: Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm (1812) Household and Chiildren’sTales.

Illustrations included in this escape room by Arthur Rackham are in the public domain in the United States because they were published before January 1, 1926. The illustrator died in 1939, so works by this illustrator are also in the public domain in countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 70 years or less.

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