Reading Informational Text/Non-Fiction Digital Escape Room- ELA - 360° Immersive

Reading Informational Text/Non-Fiction Digital Escape Room- ELA - 360° Immersive

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⭐ Teen students are invited to compete using clues that practice using text features to find vocabulary, reading an infographic, using text evidence, text structure, and comprehension. ⭐This fully immersive 360° Non-Fiction Digital Escape engages students with four news articles about famous art heists.⭐ All tasks are skills-based so that when the escape is complete your students will come away with a stronger understanding of non-fiction/informational text. ⭐

The setup: You find yourself on an island in a decrepit old mansion full of famous stolen art. You know that if you are caught, you may be mistaken for the thief and arrested for possession of priceless works of art! You must find your way out...but how?

A perfect introduction to reading non-fiction articles and informational text. ⭐ Playing this fully immersive 360° digital escape room, students will read four informational text articles about famous art heists. Every piece of the escape is fully interactive.

Once in the escape, students will click the red start button. This animated slide show takes students through the setup of the escape and gives the students instructions on how to play. There are five clues, plus extras.


  • Read Article: What to know about the Gardner Museum Heist
  • Use vocabulary and text features to find words in the article, decode using a keyboard cipher.


  • Watch Video: Learn about Text Features and visit the virtual gallery
  • Infographic: Click and drag the information boxes to the correct place on the 18 Minutes infographic, decode using a PigPen Cipher


  • Article: Stolen: How the Mona Lisa Became the World’s Most Famous Painting
  • Click and drag to match the excerpts from the article to the correct text evidence.


  • Read Article: Swedish Art Heist
  • Comprehension: Take a Quiz (Alpha Combination)


  • Article: Theft of Van Gogh’s The Parsonage...
  • Text Structure Match-up and Article Chronology Match-up

Visit the Gardner Museum in Boston via Google Earth
See the Mona Lisa close-up at the Louvre
3D version of Christ in the Storm on the Sea of Galilee
See every stolen artwork up close by clicking on painting in escape room and more...

Why teach it?

  • It's a perfect way to introduce students to the non-fiction and informational text.
  • Great in combination with any unit on Infromational Texts or Non-Fiction Reading
  • It reinforces logic and reasoning skills
  • All tasks are skills-based so that when the escape is complete your students will come away with a stronger understanding of informational text.
  • It promotes cooperative learning and deductive reasoning
  • Perfect for the English Language Arts classroom

Digital Escape Room Tip for Teachers:
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Before purchasing, please check to make sure you and your students will be able to use these sites by clicking on the test website link above. It is your responsibility to make sure the links will work before purchasing.

 ©2021 Fair Use Rationale: Full Concept, Game Play, Interactivity, Storyline, and all Environmental backgrounds, were conceived, compiled, and/or created solely by Sabrina Wingren. All artwork is either original or compiled from commercially licensed art from freepik, Adobe stock &/or pixabay. Music is commercially licensed from Fesliyan Studios. All news articles are cited, public, and readily available on the internet for students and teachers to view.

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