Breaking the Da Vinci Code Digital Escape
Breaking the Da Vinci Code Digital Escape
Breaking the Da Vinci Code Digital Escape
Breaking the Da Vinci Code Digital Escape
Breaking the Da Vinci Code Digital Escape
Breaking the Da Vinci Code Digital Escape

Breaking the Da Vinci Code Digital Escape

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This Leonardo Da Vinci Escape room is a full 360° escape room that introduces your students to Leonardo Da Vinci and his art in a fun, engaging and interactive way. The escape room is a 360° version of Da Vinci's studio. Students must solve 5 puzzles to prove themselves worthy of becoming Leonardo's apprentice.

You and your students must have access to google drive in order to play this escape room. Now with digital student notes sheet and assignment sheet as a link within the homepage.

By clicking on the play button in the center of the gallery the digital escape room opens. Students start by looking for the red start button. This is the set up for the game and gives the students their first clue to solve the first lock. There are five clues and five locks in all. The game is set up to last approximately 45 minutes.
  • Great for introducing students to Da Vinci and his art
  • Sketch like Da Vinci Assignment and Reflection
  • Reinforces logic and reasoning skills
  • Editable Google student notes sheet is provided.
  • Teacher instructions with answer key is provided
  • Homepage website takes students through how to play and includes a timer and link to the escape room to get them started.
  • Promotes team building, cooperative learning, and deductive reasoning
  • Clues include; Video with Questions and Caesar Cipher, Mirror Writing and Math, Invention Quiz, Mona Lisa Interactive Puzzle Cipher, and Interactive Sketchbook with audio clips.
  • Includes student digital worksheet for notes for use during the escape room.
  • Great for e-learning, just post the link to your district platform and they're off to solve the mystery from home! Be sure that you and your student have access to the google drive before playing.
Digital Escape Room Tip for Teachers: Check your school's website filter before beginning the escape room. You will need access to:
  • Google Sites
  • Thinglink
  • YouTube
  • Google Forms
  • Google Maps
Before purchasing, please check to make sure you will be able to use these sites. Please play the escape room and check to be sure your student devices will work with the websites listed above. Please share the link through your school's digital platform, otherwise sharing may be blocked from outside the district, and students will not be able to access the clues and documents.

Questions and Answers:
Q: What is a digital escape room?
A: Students use a google homepage to read the rules and begin the escape room. Once inside they are immersed in a 360° version of Da Vinci's studio where they will solve clues to become Da Vinci's next great apprentice. There is a digital locks form where they will enter the answers to each puzzle and a google slides sheet for them to take notes. The notes sheet can be turned into you via google.

Q: What will my students learn?
A: They will: watch a biographical video on Da Vinci and answer questions to complete a Caesar Cipher, learn about mirror writing and solve a word problem, discover the many inventions that Da Vinci sketched and what they became, view an interactive sketchbook with audio clips and solve a puzzle using the Mona Lisa. Finally, students will create a sketch using annotations and different perspectives just like Da Vinci.

Q: Is there nudity within the escape room?
A: Good Question. Take a look at the preview video and you will get a good idea of what students will see. Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man is actually a nude, but it is such an iconic image that most students are already familiar with the image. There is also a link to Da Vinci's sketchbook in one of the clues, and although the sketch that involves the clue is only a man's neck, there are other sketches that may contain nudity. Click the link above to preview this site.

Q: How do I assign and grade this?
A: You share the Google Site with your students via your district platform, then give them instructions to fill out the digital notes sheet (link in website), for you to see that they've completed the escape room.

Q: Is the google form attached to the site just to check answers or should there be a copy included that I could assign to the students so I can see their answers?
A: Great question! The google form is the lock code for the escape room. It is just a way for the students' to know if they have gotten the clue correct. (if they've done it correctly all their answers will be the same). There is a digital google notes form that you can have your students complete and turn into you so you can see that they completed the escape room.

Q: I can't figure out one of the clues what should I do?
A: There is a full teacher answer key included with the resource. Each clue is detailed and there are even helpful website or hints that you can provide to students if they get stuck.

Q: What does this require?
A: Thinglink, Google Sites, YouTube, WordWall, EdPuzzle, and the Google Drive.

Q: Why is an escape room so effective for distance learning?
A: Because students can work through the escape room on their own from home and share their responses easily with you using the Google Digital Notes Sheet.

Q: Is there a print version of this Escape Room?
A: This resource is truly a digital resource, meant to be used via computer and the internet. There is no print version of the digital escape room, other than the worksheet if you are using in a classroom.

Q: Are there instructions?
A: Yes, there are teacher instructions that include the answers to all of the puzzles as well as instructions on how to assign. Student instructions are located within the escape room and on the google site. They will need to pay attention and read instructions closely to complete the escape room correctly!

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