Georgia O'Keeffe Art History Workbook and Activities - Famous Artists Lessons

Georgia O'Keeffe Art History Workbook and Activities - Famous Artists Lessons

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This packet includes a biography sheet, poster, teacher instructions, coloring sheets, video links, analysis and 2 projects in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe. The lesson takes students through an understanding of the artist and then has students color similar artwork using common characteristics of her work blending analogous colors. Students apply this knowledge afterwards to create their own art, first using reference in the worksheet as a guide, then choosing their own flower for reference.


18 Worksheets:

  • Georgia O’Keeffe Poster (8” x 10”)
  • Artist Biography Sheet
  • Teacher instruction sheet
  • More resources sheet with links to a videos
  • 5 coloring sheets of O’Keeffe style flowers
  • Draw flower from photo and color
  • From the Lake Artwork Sheet
  • From the Lake Analysis Worksheet
  • 2 Project Process Sheets
  • O’Keeffe Extension Worksheets (Landscapes)
  • KEYS:
    Example of abstracted watercolor flower project
  • Example of extension project
  • Analysis Key


Ways to use in the classroom:

As an introduction to a famous artist and their work.

Worksheets culminate with student creating their own pointillism artwork.

To support other drawing skills such as:

contour lines, shading in color and color theory

As early finisher work or as a quick art substitute lesson.


TpT EASEL: Use TpT Easel to easily print or digitally assign individual pages to students.

Note: There are options on how to give students color reference other than to print these sheets in color. You can project the example using a document camera or have students look up artwork on a chromebook or smartphone, for example.

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