Hands Past and Future: Mixed Media Art Project

Students used memories from their past and hopes for their future to create art with meaning. The goal was for them to create two distinct pieces of art using a range of mixed media techniques and materials while maintaining their artistic voice.

Radial Dot Paintings

Create a radial symmetry design then use color mixing to create a color plan, transfer their design to final canvas/paper and create unity through the use of color and design.

Oil Pastel Animals

With these oil pastel animals I wanted the students to learn about the golden ratio in their compositions, how to draw on an enlarged grid and how to blend colors to create value.

Charley Harper Animals

Challenge students to think creatively! In my beginning art class we re-created an animal of our choice using rulers, protractors and compasses.

Decorative Line Animals

Talk about a great way to introduce Acrylic paint to students! This lesson teaches students about the creative process, color, line, rhythm and unity.

Illuminated Letters

This illuminated letter lesson is a great way to teach about the principles of emphasis, balance, unity and the element of space in art.

Watercolor Technique Landscapes

These watercolor landscapes for kids are a great way for students to learn about watercolor techniques in a fun, exciting lesson that is easy for beginning artists to create a successful painting.